Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Memories... Brought to You by Coke

What do you think of when someone mentions Coca Cola? I think of fun summer evenings catching fireflies outside. When the air is wonderfully warm and the days end late. I grew up in a family who always had ice cold bottles of Coke in the fridge. Out past Pittsburgh, we had the Coca Cola Starlake Amphitheater (It's now renamed something else, but when I was younger, that is where we went every summer for concerts). I seen my first live concert there! And of course, they had plenty of ice cold Cokes to go around.

I remember growing up and having family game nights with home made pizza and having glasses of Coke's. We'd try to create funny words during Scrabble, only for our parents to say, "No, real words only." During Boggle, we'd race against the timer and try to beat each others word counts. We'd make ridiculous bets trying to win at Monopoly. It was fun times growing up. Too many families now do not have time for fun filled family game nights. I think we should all make more time for the little things like that. After all, that is what sticks out most in my mind of my youth. I want my children to sit back and tell their kids about fun times when they were little.

Oh! My grandmother made up yummy foods that had Coca Cola in the recipes. There have been one or two passed down. However, we have not tried making them ourselves yet. But I remember my Gram making up some yummy different meals that included Coke.

Just looking online you can find great recipes that have Coke in their ingreadients. I think my Gram might have gotten hers from a recipe book she purchased or one that she sent away for. Just looking online now, I found a perfect Chicken Wing recipe off the Coca Cola heritage site I found. (Here's the link you can check out for plenty of yummy recipes

You can create fun family moments with your family and a glass of Coke. I think its the best thing ever to go to a Pirates game and enjoy the simple classic, hotdog and Coke. Baseball tickets for us do not cost a lot, and its truely a nice evening date if it is just Mike and I. We're taking our son to his first Pirates game this summer, and I cannot wait to make memories with him.

What memories do you want to make with Coke?

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