Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Virginia How I'd LOVE To Visit!

We're well into summer now. Such a shame when you stop at Walmart right now, you see all this back to school stuff! I want to focus on summer and fun things a little longer like vacation. Like all the things that you can do in Virginia! I live right next to Virginia, however I've never vacationed there. I've only driven thru to go to other states. Here's the reasons why I'd LOVE to visit Virginia Beach.

1. It's a beach! I love going to the beach (always have since I grew up in Ocean City, Maryland). I could spend all day, every day basking on the shores. Sand Castle competitions, who can find the prettiest sea shell, oh the list goes on and on!

2. Parasailing! Now I'm a little afraid of heights, but since you are at a beautiful area with all sorts of fun sights around you, why not view them from the air? I'm sure if my husband would go with me, I'd gladly spend an afternoon parasailing. Oh the things you could call home about on that trip!

3. Fishing! I love to fish here in Pennsylvania. I've never gotten to fish in the ocean, and would love to try this. From what I've seen on the site, they call the area the "Fish Highway" since all different breeds of fish use the waters to migrate back and forth. Wouldn't that be cool getting some pictures of the fish you catch?

4. There's an awesome Wellness Program! The saying "Our Waters Nourish The Soul. Our Sunrises Rejuvenate the Body." sold me on this. They have wonderful spa's along the shore. What tired stay at home mom wouldn't enjoy this?! They've got ocean front yoga. Wouldn't that be a great time to catch a beautiful sunrise or sunset doing yoga and relaxing your body and soul.

5. Virginia Beach is rich in history. From John Smith first touching the shores to the Navy history, you cannot go wrong if you are a history buff like I am. I could spend days lost in their museums!

6. Kids programs! Since I doubt I'll be going on anymore vacations sans kiddos anytime soon, we always look for kid attractions when we plan. Not only will we spend time at the beach, but theres plenty of things we can do if it's a rainy day. Such as Laser Quest, Young Chef's Accademy, and the Virginia Beach Rock Gym. Never a boring day here!

7. Boat tours and Jet skiing. I would love to spend an afternoon cruising around the ocean on a boat. And trying my hand at Jet Skiing. Not every day you get to do this.

8. Family Great Adventures Series. We would love to spend an evening unraveling clues on a little mystery hunt, and topping the evening off with a great movie. It's a great way to end the day, and your kids feel like little detectives!

9. Symphony By The Sea. This would be perfect husband and wife time (Notice I didn't say mommy and daddy time. We check the title at the door when it's date night). Taking in a fantastic orchastra is my idea of a lovely evening after a fantastic dinner.

10. The FOOD! Sure you could buy crab or fish here at the grocery stores up home but do they taste the same? No! The beauty of vacation is not having to cook and enjoying amazing food.

I think I'm going to start planning our Virginia Beach 2011 vacation now. I prefer it since it is close to home, should anything happen with the family. Now to talk hubby into it.. I think he'll agree. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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